Terry Miller

Colonel Terry D. Biller


Terry Miller enrolled in the University of Nebraska in 1959.   His interests in both the form and function of the world was already evident in his choice of areas of study – choosing to major in Mathematics and minor in Political Science.  Terry Miller was a member of Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corp (AFROTC) at the University of Nebraska, graduating in 1964.

Terry married Barbara Ann Gembala in February of 1964 – the same day he received his commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the USAF. Together they have three adult married daughters and six grandchildren.


Terry Miller was commissioned from the AF Reserve Officer Training Corp (AFROTC) program on 8 Feb 1964 and entered active duty at Ent AFB, CO in April that year as an Orbital Analyst (OA) at 1st Aerospace Control Squadron where he underwent training and assignment to Crew Duty.

He progressed to Squadron Staff OA and then to an OA at 9th Aerospace Defense Division also at Ent AFB.

He was transferred to the FPS-85 Phased Array Radar test team (as an OA) at Eglin AFB, FL in 1967 and at the completion of the test was reassigned to Clear AFS, AK  operating the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS) as the training officer and then Operations officer.

In l970, Terry was sent back to Colorado Springs as a North American Air Defense (NORAD) space intelligence watch officer and then transferred to Operations as an OA. He attended the AF Squadron Officer School, where he was a distinguished graduate.

He was selected for Air Command and staff College in 1974 and designated as a distinguished graduate in 1975. After which he volunteered for the COBRA DANE phased array test team at
Shemya AFB, AK as the Test Operations Officer.

Upon the completion of the test program, the AF sent Terry to Socorro, NM Ground-based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance (GEODSS) tracking station as the Detachment Commander where he operated the Optical Telescope during its Test Program until selected to be assigned to the Air Staff as the Missile Warning and Space Defense Program Element Monitor (PEM) for 12 Aerospace Defense Programs from 1978 to 1981.

He then volunteered to go to the Philippines and be the Commander of the GPS -17 during its relocation and test program. After serving there for 22 months he was reassigned to Australia as the Commander of the Joint US-Australian JDSCS site at Woomera, SA.

While there he was promoted to Colonel and selected to attend the Naval War College at New Port, RI where graduated in 1985 as a distinguished graduate and was assigned to the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS-J5) in the international division with duty in Geneva Switzerland in negotiations with the then Soviet Union and Theater and Strategic Arms.

Upon completion of this tour in 1989, Terry was reassigned to Ent AFB, CO first as the Director of Operations (DO) for 1st Space Wing and then as the assistant DO for Space Command.

He retired in May 1990 and went on to work for Grumman, Northrop Grumman, and then Lockheed Martin in their space related programs. Upon retiring from Lockheed Martin, he founded two for profit companies in the aerospace business consulting business and general services arenas. He is still working today.


A space operations pioneer for the 1st Aerospace Squadron at Ent AFB in Colorado, Col Miller was one of the first orbital analysts (OA) on the scene to grow the Spacetrack mission in the 1960’s.  Though he and others in a similar position, such as Ken Needham and Eric Nelson, were not referred to as OAs at the time, these engineers, mathematicians and astrophysicists are believed to be the first to work in this area which later evolved into today’s Orbit Analysts that all AF space missions employ today.