Rick Sturdevant


Dr. Rick Sturdevant was born January 28, 1947 in Hollywood, CA, but grew up in Waverly, Iowa. His first major while a student at the University of Northern Iowa was in Aerospace Engineering, but he later switched to History and graduated in 1969 with a degree in History. Dr. Sturdevant also obtained a masters degree in History at the University of Northern Iowas and later moved to Santa Barabara, CA where he fined tuned his History acumen by obtaining his Ph.D at the University of California. While working on his Ph. D in Santa Barabara, he met his wife Katherine Scott. They now live in Colorado Springs, CO where they enjoy hiking and camping in the CO mountains.


Dr. Sturvedant currently serves as the Deputy Director and historian at the headquarters building for the Air Force Space Command. He started as a Senior Research Historian at the Command in 1991. He has collected, collated, and published numerous historical accounts pertaining to Air Force space history. He has also assisted with a number of AF space-related research projects to include interviewing former AF Space Command Commanders and personnel associated with systems within the Space Command portfolio, writing the forward for Dave Spires Beyond Horizons, and providing immeasurable assistance to Kim Lammertin in her quest to codify the stories behind the rise of the Air Force Space Command.


Dr. Sturdevant continues to serve at HQ AFSPC today at Peterson AFB in Colorado as the Deputy Director History Office. He tirelessly keeps records of the newest Air Force missions as they arise, and archives artifacts of space missions as units deactivate. Together with the Director of the command’s history office ‘Skip’ Bradley and the rest of the team, Dr Sturdevant curates and preserves all historical references and data of America’s top secret Air Force space operations.