Kimberly Lammertin

Kimberly LammertinKimberly Lammertin served for 25 years in the United States Air Force Reserves (10 years active duty, 15 years reserves) the majority of her service was with Air Force Space Command. She has also worked as a software and space systems test engineer for both Northrop Grumman Space Technology and Lockheed Martin’s Space Systems divisions on the Space-based Infrared System.  Her extensive first hand experience with both the military and civilian aspects of space systems gives her a unique and qualified perspective to write the story of how the Air force Space Command came to be.

As the daughter of a former naval officer and pilot who was part of the multi-service work and inception of space missions, Kim is impassioned to tell the personal stories that make up the human story of the journey to Air Force Space Command.

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Kim and her husband, Mike, at Christmas in 2014.
Kim and her husband, Mike, at Christmas in 2014.

Kim&Steph missile crew 1993
Kim (right) and her twin sister Stephanie Courtois in 1993 when they both served as junior officers on missile crew.

John Estes w great grandaughter skiing_2015
Kim’s dad, John Estes (right), with his great granddaughter while skiing in 2015.


Kim Lammertin with sisters Stephanie and Dana.
Kim (left) with sisters Stephanie and Dana in Denmark in 2008.